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what is retubing

Retubing is a process of replacing the heatexchangers old tubes with the new one ,  Heat Exchangers material of construction is selected as per application, durability & economy.

Usually tubes gets corroded or scaled or punctured when it is used in a process (application). In this case, we shall replace the old tubes with the new one by removing the old tubes with special tools & assembling the new tubes.

Advantage of  retubing

This is done mainly to cut the cost of buying a new heat exchanger.

Only tubes are changed.

This will be done by  highly skilled man power with lot of experience.

Our experienced staff of engineers specialize in a wide variety of  retubing services, including:

Tube removal
Tube installation
Tube sheet repair
Scrap tube recovery
Tube removal (detubing) for modular replacement / replacement tube bundles.

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