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Aluminum Extruded Fin Tubes

Aluminum Extruded Fin Tubes
We are well renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Aluminum Extruded Finned Tubes. These tubes are provided by us with 100% fin-to-tube bond and they yield exceptional longevity and efficiency. The maximum operating temperatures these tubes can withstand are in the range 250°C to 290°C.Aluminum Extruded Finned Tube is the most substantial component of the heat exchangers’ technology. The design, size and material type can be chosen as per the customer’s requirements.

Their individual design mono or bimetal delivers great resistance and excellent heat transfer characteristics. Corrosion resistance is guaranteed as we provide an excellent mechanical bonding that connects liner tubes and aluminum wall. Superior durability and reliability are some of its strong characteristics.


    • High performance
    • Less maintenance
    • High quality
    • Long service life
    • Durable structure

Application Areas:

    • Heat pipe exchangers for HVAC applications
    • Dehumidification in air treatment plants
    • Energy recovery in air exhausts system

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